Take back your time, girl!

We've got kids to chase, meetings to dominate and things to do on the honeymoon (wink, wink). What we're saying is ain't nobody got time for shaving. The Beauty Room has got your waxing needs covered from Brows to Brazilians.

It can be intimidating when it comes to receiving full body waxing. I am happy to walk you through the process in an intimate and comfortable setting.


All hair is removed, behind included

Can opt to keep a postcard size amount of hair.


Any hair that would show while wearing a bikini is  removed



LIP/ CHIN $12 each



Tips to keep in mind!

  1. For your first wax, please allow 2-3 weeks of growth. There needs to be about 1/4 inch (about as long as a rice grain) of hair growth for waxing.
  2. If you have never had a wax in the brazillian region, I will only provide a bikini wax first.
  3. The Beauty Room does not preform waxing services when on menstrual cycle. 
  4. Do NOT use body oils or lotions the day of your waxing.
  5. DO exfoliate. Try a exfoliating mitt in the shower to help rid dead skin build up.
  6. It is not recommended for the following 72 hours : Direct sunlight or tanning, foreign waters or chlorine water.
  7.  I do NOT allow more than one person in the room at a time for waxing services.