JUNE 2019 | Give Us All The Sunshine | The Beauty Room Evansville

First things first... Happy Summer! And it's been a bit, so I want to say thanks for welcoming Anna to the team. It's been a beautiful thing. And we know summer is a season of different schedules and rhythms and more rest and more fun, so we hope you plan to take care of yourself and come see us!

Love the Sun, the Sun will Love You

The sun is not playing any games with us this summer. Most of us are in for something that requires less clothes most days and to hop in some swimwear the rest. We all want a glow from catching rays, but also don't want to end up compromising the only skin we have by roasting it to the point it looks like our favorite leather bag.

Today you get a permission slip. You know the ones you used to get back in the day or possibly the ones you're currently signing for little ones. This permission slip will grant you access to the sun without lingering shame of over indulgence or worse, sunburns for days. The only thing you have to do for a signature is to follow the advice below, and you are well on your way to guilt free fun in the sun.

The Beauty Room has a more holistic outlook on sun protection which means the sun is YOUR FRIEND. The kind of friend that loves you. Which means you need to not abuse it.


attention to what you are using. If you are using traditional SPF, be sure to read the labels. You need Broad Spectrum that helps protect from UVA and UVB rays. Honestly, nothing over 30 SPF is going to be more beneficial if you are truly reapplying it when you're supposed to. Plant based oils that have natural SPF are the best route. Think about it... most plants are out here in the sun thriving! It's largely due to sinapate esters. It's totally worth an hour long google search if you want details. We absolutely swear by anything with Red Raspberry Seed Oil or Tamanu Oil for plant based protection.


to your body and how the sun reacts with it. It is really the simplest and best advice. Many want to slather on sunscreen thinking it gives them permission to stay in the sun longer. It does not. Our bodies are designed to tell us EVERYTHING we need to know. Once your skin is feeling pretty hot and you are getting flushed, it's time to head in or cover up.

While this is simple, yet amazing advice, check to see if it resonates with you. If so, follow up with your holistic MD on further advice for alternative sun protection practices.

First Fridays Haynies Corner, E is for Everyone.

It's First Friday Season on Haynie's Corner and we'd love to have you join us at The Beauty Room for what we think is a pretty great vibe. We're going to be doing fierce face rainbows ala Pride Month. You don't want to miss the yummy-ness that is Vegan Eats & Treats. And if you haven't had your aura checked lately or are just obsessed like us, New Moon Mystic is offering their Aura Photography for $30. We look forward to seeing you!

In the month of June we are sharing our current obsession (the intoxicating aroma of Tangerine and Peppermint) with you by way of a free essential oil add-on to any facial treatment. Tangerine is the perfect sunny uplifting scent and Peppermint is the cool-it-all-down compliment. Come enjoy this with us!

We look forward to seeing you this summer! As you book services, be sure to watch your confirmation message for locations. ;)

Letter to Married Couples | Adopt Your Single Friends | According2Kana

Letter to Married Couples | Adopt Your Single Friends | According2Kana

 I never thought having two little kiddos say they miss their Kana, going to the North side of Evansville or having chats with police officers would fill me with love, but it has. I've gotten to experience these things because an already established family wasn't too afraid to let a single girl in.

The Beauty of Meal Planning | Tips from Allie Peach

Allie Peach is an artist, serial entrepreneur, mom of two, and meal planning expert. The services and teaching she offers in the kitchen are designed to empower women to cook more real food at home.
Allie’s cooking expertise is built on an early foundational love for food and for the experience of a shared meal. She strives to leave a legacy of family meals and real food for the next generation.
When she’s not in the kitchen, you can find Allie working as a freelance Creative Director and designer.


Find her on Instagram @thealliepeach and @alliepeachdesign


  • Define what success looks like for YOU. 

Once you define what success means for you -- whether it be to eat less meat, or to cook 5 meals at home in a week, or to keep your grocery bill under $200 for the week, or maybe all of those things! You’re already giving yourself an advantage toward reaching your goals. Make your meal planning goals clear, and don’t worry about what other people are doing. 

  • Strive for better over Perfect.

We often intimidate ourselves away from meal planning before we even get started. Pinterest, Instagram, and fad diet celebrities show us unattainable pictures of perfection and systems that are more work than necessary. In order to sustain a meal plan, embrace the fact that not every planned meal has to look like a gourmet Pinterest recipe. 

So, what does that look like in real life? For us, it often looks like tossing a bunch of roasted veggies and a grain in a bowl, topping it with some kind of sauce or dressing and calling it dinner. If you want to get fancy, you can call it a “buddha bowl”. It doesn’t have to be fancy or gourmet to be GREAT.


  • Prep ahead

The best thing you can do to sustain a meal plan is prep ahead. My favorite way to get ahead is to prep as much as possible As soon as I get home from the grocery store. What I do is set aside 90 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday to chop and roast all of the vegetables I’ve purchased. It makes it so much easier to assemble a meal in 5-10 minutes, rather than having to start from scratch every single time you go to cook something and end up spending 30-45 minutes

  • Take Inventory.

The game changer in our house was this one simple step that we started doing before I even began to make a meal plan or write a grocery list. In the most basic sense, it’s finding out what’s left over in your refrigerator and your pantry and then starting to think about how those items can be used in the week ahead. It seems obvious, right? But how many of you actually look in your refrigerator before you start meal planning? There’s so much great stuff in there that can become the starting point for a meal. If you think about meal planning as if you’re trying as hard as you can to use up the stuff you’ve already bought FIRST, there are a few awesome things that happen.

First, you’ll have less stress about coming up with a plan.
Taking inventory takes the guesswork out of choosing recipes. It’s easier to know what types of things you can and should cook in the week ahead, rather than having an infinite number of possibilities of things you could cook. That way, you aren’t too overwhelmed by the thought of choosing a recipe out of thin air to even get started.

Second, you’ll save money.
I know you get sick of tossing half-a-container of spinach or fresh herbs that you never used up, just because they sat in the fridge too long. Seeing those things as the spark of an idea for a meal means you don’t have to toss them out. It shortens your grocery list. Not having to start from scratch on a new ingredient list every week makes the savings add up quickly. I think of it like saving money twice. Not only are you using up produce you’ve already spend money on, thus sparking a whole other meal, but you’re also saving yourself more money by not having to buy a pizza or all the ingredients you would need for a whole new meal from the grocery store.

Finally, you’ll accidentally eat healthier.
Now, I don’t have to tell you that meal planning in and of itself really helps to keep a healthy diet on track. But again, if you try to use up all your vegetables before thinking about buying other stuff, what’s going to happen? You’re going to eat more vegetables! I don’t know how many times I end up with half a container of baby spinach or a bag of carrots, or 3 potatoes, or half a head of cabbage leftover. Instead of looking over that stuff and starting from scratch with a new plan for the next week, taking inventory means you’ll prioritize those ingredients, again, that you’ve already bought -- and those veggies will “accidentally” become the driving force for a new meal.