Let The Madness Begin | March Special | The Beauty Room

Spring has Sprung.

I am just going to write that in hopes that it will prove true. Although I love being snuggled up in my blankets, watching Netflix AND eating... it is doing terrible things to my waistline. 

I was so taken aback that by how many of you actually read my last blog and actually cared what it said, that I will try to be much more on top of it now and get as much information in it for the month as possible. 

Seriously, you all give me so much love and with this month marking my year anniversary of being in my own studio I can not THANK YOU enough for your loyalty, referrals, life advice and most importantly YOUR TIME. I absolutely LOVE having you all in my Beauty Room and hope there are many more years of fabulousness together! 



  • Haynies Corner is having an Open House for the block. The First Friday of every month all of the businesses will be showcasing various artist. So come out and support the local businesses down on the corner. Stop by The Beauty Room on March 6th from 6pm to 8pm to take a selfie in front of the beautiful masterpiece "Stained Glass Magnolias by Leah Campbell Badertscher with the #KanaBrownTBR and be entered to WIN a free brow wax!! Winner anounced Monday March 9th on The Beauty Room Facebook Page. 


  • ARCH 10th 6:45pm - 8:45pm  TUESDAY TALK with Kana is BACK!! I am so excited I have loved holding this for you all for over a year now & after a couple months off I think it is MUCH NEEDED. Here are the deets for THIS MONTH


  • As some of you know, I also am the Editorial Director & Founder of Love IT! EVV Magazine.  It is deadline month I will be getting things organized and beautiful for that. If you haven't checked it out yet here is our last Labor of Love.
  • In a few weeks I am planning to venture to Chicago for the Face & Body Midwest Expo. I don't get a lot of chances to leave and get additional education so I am super excited to bring you back the latest in skin care!


You are going to want to have a seat for this one. 

Having my business in the Art District I have been a part of a very unique culture this past year. At the River City Co Op every Monday & Thursday they serve raw lunches  fresh from their garden and they have a "Name Your Own Price" set up. CRAZY.  They would give their suggested price, but knowing that sometimes others or even myself may not be able to pay as  much as we'd  like,  I'd pay over every time that I could. After the initial shock of knowing that a business does this, I got to thinking what a  beautiful thing it is and how fortunate we are to have a local on business that does this. To make nutrient rich, fresh from the garden meals available to everyone's budget is just down right awesome.

To do my part in calming the March Madness , to make sure that I get as much continued education as I can AND as many top notch products to bring home to The Beauty Room to share with everyone from the Face & Body Expo, I am proposing a "Name Your Own Price" on facial services this month.

Name *


The only guidelines are: 

  • Pick a facial of your choice * Excludes Sunshine Juice Co Facial.
  • Each Facial will last 30-45 mins
  • To avoid missed appointments on such a great deal, to hold your scheduled time you must pay upon booking.
  • Sharing is caring, so a check in at The Beauty Room is appreciated!

To schedule your appointment, because time slots will fill up fast,  simply fill out the form!




If you have no idea what a facial really is check out this oldie but goodie blog post on What A Facial IS.


Kendra DuPont Product Photography Simple Savvy

I have been using a mix of apricot kernel seed oil with geranium essential oil! It's magic. As we get older and/or if we are not creating a healthy environment for our cells to grow they become stagnant & create a dull complexion.  Germanium, among a nice list of other things supports the regeneration of cells. Which gives you that JLO glow {disclaimer, nothing can actually make you look like JLO}, but your skin will look much better over time with the help of this Godsend essential oil.

If you ever want an oil custom blended for your skin type shoot me a message & we will set up a skin care consultation! 



Hope to see you all in this month!

Happy March!