3 Tips to Win Best Dressed | Alhambra Film Festival Oscar Viewing Party

I love cheerleading for people in everyday life.

You got out of bed? *claps slowly*

You slapped on a bold lippie today? Werk HUNTYYY!

You adulted for a FULL day? Let's pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

You know what is better than giving a boost of joy through cheerleading? ...giving away awards!

On February 28, 2016 join me at Bokeh Lounge for the Alhambra Film Festival Oscar Viewing Party.  As the Editorial Director of Love IT! EVV and all around beauty and fashion lover, I will be using my knowledge to help judge and award the Best Dressed. 

You can scour the internet for all of the trends OR you can follow these simple steps to get closer to having that trophy in your hands!


It's the Oscars. How many times do you get to dress up and only spend $10 to go enjoy a fancy pants time?! Yes, we are in the Midwest. That is no reason to not BRING IT! I will definitely be showing up in a dress from Paparazzi Glamour & Gowns (*cough cough* floor length dresses majorly encouraged). In laymen's terms: a little side boob OK, coochie cutter dresses, frowned upon.


Yes, you squeezed yourself in that dress, but did you take time to make sure your hair & makeup was done? It is absolutely crucial that everything complements each other. If your attire is loud, let it speak. Have subtle makeup. If you want to play up your beautiful face keep your outfit simple. It is nice to be able to take in someone's whole look instead of having to digest each part of their getup.  Men, this applies to you too! Clean shaven or at the least a lined up and trimmed beard goes a long way in complementing your overall look.


When it comes down to it, no matter what you are wearing people can pick up on your vibes. When you are uncomfortable it affects your confidence. You honestly can NOT look your absolute best if you don't FEEL good about yourself! If you can't do heels, don't. It is uncomfortable watching people be uncomfortable.

Photos Courtesy of Fearlessly Feminine Photography

Can't wait to see y'all WERK!