With a new year around the corner comes new additions and we’ve finally had the stars align for us. We’ve always hoped that The Beauty Room would be a place where women could always find their calm, feel empowered and feel restored. We are so happy that we'll be adding to that! We are bringing on a new team member and I hope you will all welcome them with open arms!!


I first started my journey as an Esthetician in 2013 when I discovered my innate passion for the beauty industry after completing Cosmetology school in 2012. Coming from someone who has dealt with both acne and pre-mature aging, it’s become my goal in life to help others overcome their own insecurities. Growing up I was very uncomfortable in my own skin, as far as the coloring of my hair and fair skin tone. Over the years I have learned to work with what I have been given and enhance what I have, versus manipulating it.

The Beauty Room Anna

A year and a half ago I became a mother to a beautiful little girl, and now more than ever these are concepts that I feel strongly about. I hope to instill those philosophies to my family, as well as clients of mine and THEIR children. Society has very strong, normalized ideas on what is considered “beautiful”. While I do think there has been a shift in the right direction as far as that goes, there is still work that needs to be done, celebrating all forms of beauty. Beauty standards are not the only thing that have become normalized. The way we “achieve” those standards with the products and treatments full of harsh chemicals, has also grown to be pretty common. I first became attracted to holistic skincare when I realized it was the only effective method to treating my acne. After unsuccessful attempts with various products full of “acne-fighting” chemicals and ingredients, I finally opted for an alternative approach. Low and behold, there was something to be said for the organic, holistic way, thus creating a whole new passion for my career and lifestyle.

I have admired Kana and The Beauty Room for years; everything that they stand for. On top of holistic skincare, healing, and general wellbeing, TBR is extremely supportive & collaborative with the community, as well as other local businesses. I am somebody who truly wants to see Evansville, the surrounding areas, and local businesses flourish. I want to play a part in that in any way that I can and could not be prouder to have joined this team.

I am so excited to meet you, work with you, and take care of you!


Anna with The Beauty Room Evansville

Q: What area is her forte?

A: I really love it all, but waxing is definitely my forte! 

Q: Starbucks order?

A: Dirty chai with almond milk and 3 shots, when I’m feeling boujee.

Basic coffee on those basic days. 

Q: Best regimen for oily forehead, but dry skin?

A: Avoid using harsh products with strong acids, washing more than 1-2 times per day & over-scrubbing. Each of which can strip the skin of ALL oils, which then causes your skin to over-produce and overcompensate oil. It’s also important to moisturize with a non-comedogenic cream, serum or oil. Oil gets a bad rap, but when used appropriately it will be your best friend! 

Q: What motivated you to get into skincare?

A: I have always been very interested in the beauty world, especially due to my own issues with acne & early aging. While studying Cosmetology in 2011-2012, I discovered a deeply rooted passion for the skincare industry and helping others overcome their insecurities. I went on to become an Esthetician the following year, starting this amazing journey & career.

Q: Favorite personal form of relaxation?

A: Reiki (which I am currently studying), listening to music, scrolling through memes or watching mindless TV. However, if my anxiety is really doing the most I like to practice deep breathing while listening to a meditation app. 

Q: Why did you choose to work at The Beauty Room?

A: Why wouldn’t I?! ;)

But for real, I have wanted to work with Kana at The Beauty Room for years. Not only do I admire everything The Beauty Room stands for, I also am very passionate about holistic skincare and wellbeing. On top of that, I have a deep love for downtown Evansville and all of its growth. Kana and The Beauty Room are extremely supportive and collaborative with the community, as well as other local businesses, which I really respect.

You can meet Anna at The Beauty Room Tuesdays, Fridays and select Saturdays!