Brown Sugar Face Scrub

Exfoliation is amazing for your skin. It is one of the keys to keeping your skin looking fresh. There are tons of different ways to exfoliate. This year I am trying to keep my skin care as simple and natural as possible. Everything we could ever need to nourish our bodies has been provided for us through the earth! Let's start utilizing all that goodness!!


Here is an awesome Brown Sugar Scrub that can be used for face & body:

  • Mix a tbsp equal parts of warm extra virgin olive oil  & brown sugar.   

  •  Starting with 1/2 tbsp of honey, add into your scrub and mix well.  Add more until your mixture becomes gooey.  Depending on the ingredients you use, you can adjust the amount of each ingredient until your scrub becomes the desire texture, a gooey and slightly sticky mix.  

  •  Once the perfect consistency, apply it to a clean and damp face and gently scrub for 1-2 minutes, concentrating on the rough patches. 

  •  Wash your scrub off with warm water, and follow with a facial treatment or moisturizer.  Enjoy your smooth skin.   

For best results, you can use this 1 to 2x a week.

Note: Your skin should never feel raw after a scrub, if so chill out! Your scrubbing  too hard. Make sure you put nutrients back into your skin by moisturizing afterwards.