Letter to Married Couples | Adopt Your Single Friends | According2Kana

Letter to Married Couples | Adopt Your Single Friends | According2Kana

 I never thought having two little kiddos say they miss their Kana, going to the North side of Evansville or having chats with police officers would fill me with love, but it has. I've gotten to experience these things because an already established family wasn't too afraid to let a single girl in.

Everyday is A Celebration of Love | The Beauty Room Evansville

Yep, it's that time of the year again. Where America's commercialism  shows its' ass and tells us to buy everything because of some made up pagan holiday. We know, we get it, we are used to it. While Valentine's Day has its perks (insert 50% off chocolate the day after), it leaves a lot of people disgruntled due to not feeling the love. Guess what you can and you should FEEL THE LOVE EVERYDAY. Here are a few tips on how I celebrate love 365, give or take a few according to my cycle.

Changes in Small Batches

 I've missed blogging about random things and not just being confined to beauty. So I'm going to start sharing more on this blog. I like the thought of documenting what's going on in my life for myself & anyone else that may be going through the same things.

Small changes lead to how your whole life is shaped. Helping out at a local natural soap store, I get to see how much love & attentiveness goes into making small batches of products. I want to apply that to the changes I want to make in my life. Sometimes I want to push myself to just change everything at once, but it so much easier to handle and analyze when you make smaller changes over time.

This week I want to make changes as far as my interactions, mainly conversations with people go. Nothing is worse than when you are in a great mood and you interact with someone who puts you in a bad one. All because you maybe took what they had to say wrong or they misunderstood you. Have you ever experienced this? I'm realizing more and more how much I let other people's energy and attitudes affect me. 

I AM LETTING them effect me. I have the power to make that stop.

In order to do make it stop, I believe these steps might help me.

I WILL pick the direction the situation/conversation is going in.
Often times I go into a situation not even knowing how I really want it to play out. So my energy is pretty confused to begin with. How can I expect it to flow into a great conclusion if I haven't even prepared myself for the  situation to go that way? I am going to start making sure before I interact with people that I set my own intentions for how I would like it to go.

I am NOT an Interpreter.
I think where I fail and maybe others do to, is trying to interpret what people mean. With over 80% of conversations being in written form, there is a lot left to the imagination. How are they actually saying this to me?  If there is something I don't understand in the conversation. I am just going to ask. Being clear helps everyone. You know what they say about assuming...

I WILL let it go.
We don't have to start singing the Frozen song, although, I am excited because Once Upon A Time comes on in a couple hours. Whether the conversation goes great or not, at the end of the day, I will be OK. Sometimes I let a conversation that didn't go so great play over and over in my head for days! So unnecessary and unhealthy. This week I am going to focus on if an interaction with someone didn't go so great, I am going to play it through once in my head to see if I could have done anything different. Once that's done. I'm letting it go and moving on. 


What are some tips you have for dealing with situations like this?
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& remember SHARING is CARING 

The Happy Chronicles | My Girls | 21 Days of Open Letters

After watching an excessive stretch of OWN TV I am now even more obsessed with Oprah. So I thought about implementing more stuff that I am learning from her & her guests.

On her segment with Shawn Anchor on Super Soul Sunday, he suggested once a day for the next 21 days emailing, tweeting, or calling a person you know and basically spending 2 minutes telling them how awesome they are. Not only does it give them a boost, but you as well & can even play a factor in prolonging your life! I am compelled to give his idea a try. I've decided to do open letters on my blog for people that cross my mind. =)

To my beautiful brown girls,

It's going to take me more than 2 minutes to write this, but you are well worth it! Since this afternoon when it was brought to my attention that one or many more of you are out there watching me, growing with me and sending me your wishes; I just want you to know that I value YOU!

I encourage all of you to learn more about this amazing woman Maya Angelou

I encourage all of you to learn more about this amazing woman Maya Angelou


I want you to know that you can be WHATEVER you want to be.

I want you to know when people tell you no for opportunities you want, do not feel discouraged because it is getting you closer to a YES. Things will be get hard, because things of value don't always come easy.  I want you to know that you will make lots of mistakes and there is no shame in that, because it's a part of life.Things tend to be a little harder for us because of the world we live in, BUT don't EVER for a second let anyone make you feel that you are not good enough!! A big thing you should also know is that you are BEAUTIFUL. Nothing can compare to the beautiful way God has designed YOU. You may not see it or feel it right now, but you are. Although I know you are bombarded daily with what you think you are supposed to look like, there is NO comparison to you! You are powerful, you are limitless & you know how I know all this?

Because I am you.


Sending you all my LOVE & I can't wait to connect with more of you,