Woman Crush Wednesday | #WCW | Kat Mykals

I know tons of amazing, hot and talented women. Girl Crush happens quite frequently. This week I'm crushing on Kat Mykals. I first met Kat doing her makeup for a shoot on the LST here in the Tri- State area a few years ago.

LST shoot 2011


We've crossed paths several more times with our line of work. The one time that stood out to me was another shoot that we did, Kat gave me the low down on LIFE basically.

Prepping for the photo shoot of realness back in 2012



Oh, and the time she may or may not have taught me how to take jello shots... From then on I have loved how very honest, open and to the point she is . I asked my Kat a few questions so you can get to know her some more too!!

My last visit with Kat was her Makeover Monday!

Hair: Hanna Williams

Makeup: Kana Brown

Photo taken by Alisha Sims Photography at Single Thread Boutique.

What are your favorite things to talk about on air? How did you get into radio hosting?

I love to talk about just about anything, but my favorite segment that we do on-air is "It Came from Evansville Watch." Evansville Watch is a social media page on Facebook Twitter that monitors the emergency scanners they post updates on what they hear on the scanners. Sometimes some of the incidents are really strange. Sometimes they are really funny, and some of them are very "Evansville." We gather the "good ones" and read them verbatim on-air each week. I had been working in retail for a few years had to make those pesky PA's that you hear in the stores. When I would make them people, mostly little old ladies, would stop stare at me, and when I was finished they would tell me how nice my voice was or how good it sounded. There were a few of them that would say things like "You should be on the radio." So, I thought why not!? When my daughter started kindergarten, I started college for broadcasting! It all started with "Attention shoppers!"

3 words to describe you/your business?

If I had to describe myself in three words, I would have to go with optimistic, open-minded real.

A woman you look up to why?

I look up to my friend Nikki. She is super woman, I swear it! She manages to balance a family job along with numerous charity involvements community organizations. She is always giving of herself, while asking nothing in return, and she is always on the go, but still finds time in all of that to do the things that she loves is passionate about. She is really very inspiring!

Favorite locally owned store why?

Abyssco is my favorite locally owned store. They have a little of everything, and they find a way to repurpose reuse things that others might just throw away. I always find something there that I can't live without whether it's an album on vinyl, a great used book, a pair of $5 jeans or a fabulous piece of jewelry. They also support local. They carry things made by local artists, crafters, writers, etc. It really is a great place.


You can check out  Kat Mykals at www.1061Evansville.com or catch her on the Radio!!

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