Life Coaching Journal: Excerpt 1




Can anyone REALLY coach us to live life ‘right’? I am not sure but, I am planning on finding out.
I am in my mid 20s and at a point in my life where I have built a lot of momentum, but not quite sure what to do with it! I am sure lots of people feel this way. I have hired a Life Coach to hopefully help me with not only business but also with all of my relationships.
I’ve decided to keep you updated with excerpts of my journal on this journey,  although very personal I feel might really help the next person! 
I have a meeting with my coach once a week starting this week. I will let you all know how it goes as far as what I am learning and how I am feeling after each session.
I am really excited to be doing this and looking forward to seeing some major improvements in myself.

So stay tuned for the good, the bad and the ugly!