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Blossoming Beauty Workshop Wrap Up

It is no big secret. I have been known to not be that fond of the younger generation.

I am just not a kid person. Things have been changing in the past few months though, as I have been working closely with my girlfriend Kassy who owns a dress boutique that specializes in prom dresses. Having more high school age ladies in my Beauty Room this year I've gotten to get to know a little bit more of their lifestyles and how they think.  

The real defining moment of me wanting to work with young women came when a girl & her mom, people I had NEVER met, came up to me in Michael's Craft Store (my obsession), and proceeded to tell me that they follow on me on Instagram & find me to be inspiring.

Me? Inspiring? To an 12 year old girl? The rest of that day mind was blown. I got up the next day and thought of ways I could give back to this girl and any others that I had no idea were looking up to me. I decided to take my Knowledge & Love of Beauty and teach them that! The Blossoming Beauty Workshop was born!

Blossoming Beauty According2kana Digital Panda Photography


They say the best way to learn, is to teach. This proved to be right after hosting my first Blossoming Beauty Natural Skin Care, Makeup & Wellness Workshop.  In getting ready to teach these young ladies to beautify themselves utilizing natural products I learned a lot about myself and the values I'd like to voice from an nontraditional makeup artist and esthetics viewpoint. Everything we ever need comes right from the earth. I'd like to teach more of this to the girls that get bombarded daily with products that are promising a quick fix, but in the long run harming their beautiful vessels.

Here are some highlights from the Workshop. Whitney Hames of Bad Apple Nutrition also joined us to tell us what to eat for beautiful skin!

I loved it and I can't wait to host another!

What would you all like the next one to cover?

Say Hello to Your New Girlfriend, Love IT! Magazine

It was late February. Just a regular day. I was serving at The Jungle and my friend Alisha comes in to get lunch after her client. We talk about all the normal stuff, but for about the 4th time that week I brought up my dreams of wanting to put a magazine together, but not having the funds to run all of the operations and definitely not being able to cover publishing cost.  

As a good girlfriend should, Alisha gave a listening ear. Her response that day is a huge part of my project coming to fruition. She simply said, "Well, just do it online". Seems crazy how a simple solution like that NEVER crossed my mind. I looked at her and said, " You're right, I'm doing it". I went home that day and came up with the complete outline of what I wanted my magazine to include.

Fast forward a little over a month later, and here we are. I am launching a creation that has been in my head for about a year now. I have had so much overwhelming support from my circle of professionals. I seriously could not have dreamed of a better team. I've always known that they all are just as amazing as anyone doing the same thing in a bigger city. I thought why don't I make something that can show that!


Love IT! Magazine is for women by women in the Evansville Area. Love IT! will keep you up to date on everything, just like your girlfriend that always has the scoop. We will talk about inspiring stories, beauty trends , music ....and well hot men may or may not be involved.

Come help us celebrate at the Love IT! Launch Party  this Thursday April 24th at The Loft located inside of Boogie Nights, form 7-9. There will be music, celebratory cake &  a group champagne toast at 8pm. 

 I would love to see you all there and I can not wait to see everyone & see the continual growth of Love IT!


Below are a few behind the scenes and sneak peeks of Love IT! Magazine.