The Happy Chronicles | Mary Allen | 21 Days of Open Letters

After watching an excessive stretch of OWN TV I am now even more obsessed with Oprah. So I thought about implementing more stuff that I am learning from her & her guests.

On her segment with Shawn Anchor on Super Soul Sunday, he suggested once a day for the next 21 days emailing, tweeting, or calling a person you know and basically spending 2 minutes telling them how awesome they are. Not only does it give them a boost, but you as well & can even play a factor in prolonging your life! I am compelled to give his idea a try. I've decided to do open letters on my blog for people that cross my mind. =)



I can't even begin to explain to you how truly amazing you are. I mean I have tried a lot, but there is just no humanly way to put it in words. You are the most "whole" person I have ever met. You give so much to your family, community & friends! I am so beyond blessed to not only have you be so helpful with my business,  but be such great friend! In such a short amount of time you have touched my heart with all your acts of kindness. I can't wait to see our businesses flourish from the new partnership.

Love,  the black girl that adopted you,

Woman Crush Wednesday* #WCW * Jamie Gish Bates

I'm Back!

With an incredibly talented woman to feature for #wcw this week. I worked with Jamie earlier this year to create an uber special gift for my bridal clients. I was amazed by how she could take random things and craft them into beautiful masterpieces.

Learn some more about Jamie by checking out the vid below as she answers how she got into Silent Salvation, one piece of advice she would leave with her daughter, a woman she looks up to & her favorite local restaurant!!

You can check out her jewelry swag on the Silent Salvation Facebook page.