February Love :: The Beauty Room Evansville

February Love :: The Beauty Room Evansville

 think it's no accident that Amethyst is the stone for February. The Amethyst stone is known to increase calm, balance and awareness to one's thoughts, feelings and higher consciousness. All which are things need to achieve any level of love. During this month full of reminders of romantic love. DO NOT forget about your family, your friends and YOURSELF. Many of you have seen this in my treatment room and it will be amplified even further this month as I incorporate a Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool into this months facial.

Treat Yo' Self Tuesday // The Beauty Room Evansville


BUT while it was amazing to catch up with family during the Holiday Season it also comes with some not so good things. Like the kind of food that sends you into a sugar coma. For me that leads to breakouts, then also stress about my breakouts..so on & so forth. 
DETOX doesn't always come in the form of fasting or juicing for a few days. The most effective way can be from detoxing the mind. Taking a mental break can help set the tone for a calmer mind set for the holidays. 
Treat Yo' Self in the best way possible. Give your mind, body & soul a break with a holistic facial teaser. GIVING 30 minutes out of your day to yourself will fill your cup of love back up to the brim.

If you been wanting to try a facial, but giving every excuse in the world not to, make Tuesday the day you don't have any more excuses.

When your cup is full you can give more.

Tuesday Nov 29th is also GIVING TUESDAY!

You know all those "THINGS" you had to have year after year that you don't NEED any more? Well there are women who do need those things. My favorite charity to give to is House of Bread & Peace
Their mission "...is to provide for the basic needs of homeless women and children while assisting the women in becoming independent and self sufficient. We help them build a strong foundation for a more successful life by identifying and addressing their individual needs and goals."

When you visit on Tuesday, feel free to bring any of these items! I will be dropping off Wednesday morning. 
* Underwear
* Gently Used Bras
* Tampons/ Pads
* Gently used business casual clothing / shoes
* Home-ware
* Bedding
* Books



"You always have to remember to take care of yourself first and foremost, because when you stop taking care of yourself you get out of balance and you really forget how to take care of others." 
- Jada Pinkett Smith


What To Expect // Makeup Session // The Beauty Room

What To Expect // Makeup Session // The Beauty Room

A "Instagram" look is a look that feeds the culture that begets being insecure , because you are looking at images that are crafted to catch your attention when you are scrolling down your feed. It's not real, you would not feel comfortable on date with your husband, or a family reunion or any to other special occasion where you'll be interacting with people wearing any of those styles. 

Sleek in The City | The Beauty Room Evansville

I have known and adored Sara Kamman, owner of Single Thread Boutique, for quite some time. When she told me that #HePutARingOnIT I was so happy for her!

Of course she had to get some lovely photos to capture the engagement by the one and only Alisha Sims Photography! This photo set was featured in Love IT! EVV Magazine's Bridal issue. Looking like a complete hawty strutting through the city with her beau. I loved creating this sultry makeup look with IT! Cosmetics contour palette and Lorac Pro.

Hair by Hanna Williams
Makeup by The Beauty Room

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