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February Love :: The Beauty Room Evansville

February Love :: The Beauty Room Evansville

 think it's no accident that Amethyst is the stone for February. The Amethyst stone is known to increase calm, balance and awareness to one's thoughts, feelings and higher consciousness. All which are things need to achieve any level of love. During this month full of reminders of romantic love. DO NOT forget about your family, your friends and YOURSELF. Many of you have seen this in my treatment room and it will be amplified even further this month as I incorporate a Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool into this months facial.

Chai Me // Autumn Facial // The Beauty Room Evansville

Chai Me // Autumn Facial // The Beauty Room Evansville

I know during this season you can get a pumpkin inspired facial at just about any spa. Being in the Art's District I wanted to live up to the area's reputation of being unique. Fall is a seasonal reminder to slow down and appreciate our beautiful surroundings. This facial, appropriately titled Chai Me , takes your senses through the notes of Fall.

3 Tips to Win Best Dressed | Alhambra Film Festival Oscar Viewing Party

3 Tips to Win Best Dressed |  Alhambra Film Festival Oscar Viewing Party

On February 28, 2016 join me at Bokeh Lounge for the Alhambra Film Festival Oscar Viewing Party.  As the Editorial Director of Love IT! EVV and all around beauty and fashion lover, I will be using my knowledge to help judge and award the Best Dressed. 

You can scour the internet for all of the trends OR you can follow these simple steps to get closer to having that trophy in your hands!

SEPTEMBER 2015 | THE BEAUTY ROOM | Queen Bee Facial

September has arrived and I got one thing on my mind! National Honey Month! 

September | National Honey Month

Talking to you Queen Bee!!!Soap Solutions & I talk the beauty that is Honey and National Honey Month

Posted by The Beauty Room on Thursday, September 3, 2015

You've heard it before, but I am here to reiterate how magical honey is.
So many benefits: Full of enzymes, mineral, vitamins , It has anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which are great topically and internally. My favorite aspect of it is that is high in gluconic acid, which helps dissolve the glue that holds the dead skin cells together on top of your skin. So it is great for a mild yet effective deep cleanse. It is also a natural humectant so it helps draw moisture to your skin. Basically, if you want fabulous skin you need to get you some RAW honey! So now that I have shared why it's so amazing here is the special for this month!

Queen Bee Facial 

Live like royalty with this facial fit for a Queen...Bee that is. This completely natural  facial uses honey to give your skin a deep cleanse, a relaxing yet effective massage to increase circulation and royal jelly masque to get your skin glowing. $50


This Brand I picked up at LiveWell in Newburgh. They have a really knowledgeable staff to help you choose some natural wellness alternatives to incorporate into your lifestyle.

It is inexpensive, "unheated, unfiltered and unprocessed straight-from-the-hive honey". Which is exactly what you want when you are thinking about taking it internally. I like having a good raw honey on hand to add to my clay mask or dab some right on my breakouts. The anti- bacterial and anti - inflammatory  properties help you notice a difference right away!  I also keep some in my kitchen for my morning tea!

The Beauty Room & Soap Solutions teamed up for a facial care line and this is one of our staples. The cleansing grains are gentle way to exfoliate the skin and soothe it simultaneously. We have incorporated powdered honey into this for those who aren't necessarily a fan of the sticky feel that comes with honey. You still get all the benefits just in a dry powdered form!

I absolutely love Laurel Whole Plant Organics & I am happy to announce I will be carrying the line in very soon at The Beauty Room. I love this pre-mixed mask has the added benefits of Strawberry, royal jelly and Grapefruit all super great ingredients for brightening your skin and your spirit!

I'll meet you at The Beauty Room for your honey fix!