Changes in Small Batches

 I've missed blogging about random things and not just being confined to beauty. So I'm going to start sharing more on this blog. I like the thought of documenting what's going on in my life for myself & anyone else that may be going through the same things.

Small changes lead to how your whole life is shaped. Helping out at a local natural soap store, I get to see how much love & attentiveness goes into making small batches of products. I want to apply that to the changes I want to make in my life. Sometimes I want to push myself to just change everything at once, but it so much easier to handle and analyze when you make smaller changes over time.

This week I want to make changes as far as my interactions, mainly conversations with people go. Nothing is worse than when you are in a great mood and you interact with someone who puts you in a bad one. All because you maybe took what they had to say wrong or they misunderstood you. Have you ever experienced this? I'm realizing more and more how much I let other people's energy and attitudes affect me. 

I AM LETTING them effect me. I have the power to make that stop.

In order to do make it stop, I believe these steps might help me.

I WILL pick the direction the situation/conversation is going in.
Often times I go into a situation not even knowing how I really want it to play out. So my energy is pretty confused to begin with. How can I expect it to flow into a great conclusion if I haven't even prepared myself for the  situation to go that way? I am going to start making sure before I interact with people that I set my own intentions for how I would like it to go.

I am NOT an Interpreter.
I think where I fail and maybe others do to, is trying to interpret what people mean. With over 80% of conversations being in written form, there is a lot left to the imagination. How are they actually saying this to me?  If there is something I don't understand in the conversation. I am just going to ask. Being clear helps everyone. You know what they say about assuming...

I WILL let it go.
We don't have to start singing the Frozen song, although, I am excited because Once Upon A Time comes on in a couple hours. Whether the conversation goes great or not, at the end of the day, I will be OK. Sometimes I let a conversation that didn't go so great play over and over in my head for days! So unnecessary and unhealthy. This week I am going to focus on if an interaction with someone didn't go so great, I am going to play it through once in my head to see if I could have done anything different. Once that's done. I'm letting it go and moving on. 


What are some tips you have for dealing with situations like this?
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