What to Expect | Brazilian Waxing | The Beauty Room Evansville

I bet you are wishing this post tells you that the waxing doesn't hurt. At The Beauty Room we are here to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! So yeah, it does hurt, but here's all the stuff you need to know to validate the pain.

Waxing in the simplest definition, removes the hair follicle from the root. This is different from shaving or hair removal creams that only remove what is on the surface. The benefits of removing it from the root, especially on a routine, over time inhibits the hair growth cycle.


  • The smoothest skin

  • Less chances of damaging the skin

  • No razor burn

  • Longer time in between hair growth

  • Saves time

  • Someone else does it


You will need about 1/4 inch of hair to wax. That is about a rice grain length amount of hair. This typically takes people about 2 weeks, but can vary. Please keep in mind anything longer will hurt more coming out. So no need to come in with months worth. You can use a loofah or shower glove to lightly exfoliate the week of your wax. The morning of, regular soap and lotion with no fragrances, are best.  


In The Beauty Room we use hard waxes and are more gentle on the skin.


This is the part that you probably skimmed the whole blog for. I know a lot of people can feel nervous or embarrassed that they have to get naked in front of a stranger. Listen to me closely, I have been providing this service for over 6 years now. My second day of "on the floor" training at TSPA we were in the room as our teacher was getting a wax. Can you imagine seeing any of your teachers getting a wax? This helped us get over modesty really quick. Skin is skin. Your skin on your arm looks the same to me as "down there". It all has hair to be removed. I get feeling weird, but I promise, I've seen it all!

I'll start with having you fill out paper work. Followed by us reviewing it. Once we've talked through everything I step out of the room so that you can get comfortable on the wax table. Once I step back in there's 15-20 mins of waxing. We talk post care and then you are good to go!  You'll be hairless for about 2 weeks depending on your hair growth. It does slow down over time. You'll have enough hair to wax again in about 4-6 weeks.

Ready to try?



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