JULY 2019 | Hello Fresh Start

Hello Fresh Start!

You might have seen me post a thing or three about it... WE MOVED!! ;) And it is a fresh start for sure.

Did you know there are SO many uses of the word fresh, and I'm feeling all of them for this space... full of energy, a bright or healthy complexion (YES), a cool and strong wind, water (that isn't salty), new and different, the list goes on. Good-ness.

The thing about fresh starts is that as soon as they are here, they bring with them the biggest to do list: getting the internet set up, paint colors, insurance SO. MANY. LOGISTICS. What I want to remember and you might need this too... is that all of it is part of it. So simple, yet so profound. If I can remember to see that the search for just the right light fixture is connected to having beautiful light in this space and illuminating your beautiful faces and ideas and new connections... well then, I welcome the holy chaos and time consuming search for the perfect light fixture!

Whether the fresh start you're looking for is a big change on the horizon or just another chance to take a breath and start again, let's cheer each other on and remember - all of it is part of all of it. We look forward to meeting you wherever you are on your quest for fresh-ness and a fresh face, as we continue to search for the perfect light fixtures. ;)


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Favorite Herbs for Fresh Starts

Although I can’t get diamonds all over my body like Cardi B, I can get herbs. Kind of the same thing, right? Both from the earth, both magical. There are several ways to use herbs. You can use the root, stem or petal. They commonly come crushed into a powder as well. You can use any form of them to make tinctures, salves, and tea just to name a few.

Calendula ::

All time favorite herb, it helps with so many ailments. It’s anti-inflammatory, hydrating, helps firm and tone. It also helps the process of regeneration of the cells.

Best Usage: This one is amazing for any scratches or bites. Look into purchasing or creating a tincture or salve with this amazing plant.

Nettle ::

This plant is highly nutritive and nourishing. It is one of the highest nutrient dense plants. It’s packed full of vitamin C and antioxidants. This can brighten the skin and boost the immune system.

Best Usage: Steep this and drink it. There really are too many benefits of health of this one to name.

Lavender ::

If liking Starbucks makes you basic, in the herb world same goes for Lavender. Nothing wrong with going back to the basics though. This beautiful, aromatic, purple plant does just about everything. The most notable are reduce inflammation, improves mood and It’s best known for stress relief.

Best Usage: Keep a dried bushel next to your bed.

Remember to approach any new addition to your skincare lineup – all-natural or otherwise – with care. Test a small patch for sensitivity before using all over.

With all the new fresh space we now find ourselves in, we're excited to be even more of a resource for all your herbal and fresh face needs. We have teas, masks, serums, hydrosols... all the things!

We are currently loving our Marble & Milkweed modern chai no. 1. Organic, fairly-traded single origin Ceylon black tea, with organic cardamom & rose petals lending a spicy, floral note. Organic ceylon cinnamon, organic pink peppercorns, organic ginger and South Indian vanilla beans round off a melange that is as lovely to look at as to drink. Slowing down enough to brew up a cup of this loose-leaf chai will soothe the spirit.


Looking foward to seeing you in The Beauty Room!

Kentucky Bride Magazine:: The Beauty Room Evansville

A couple months ago I had the honor of working on the Volume 9 Issue 1 of Kentucky Bride Magazine! This will be the first magazine that I have worked on ( and I have worked on about 7) that will be on stands at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Barnes & Noble, Kroger and the newsstands in the Lexington, Louisville, and Greater Cincinnati airports. How insane is that?! 

Treat Yo' Self Tuesday // The Beauty Room Evansville


BUT while it was amazing to catch up with family during the Holiday Season it also comes with some not so good things. Like the kind of food that sends you into a sugar coma. For me that leads to breakouts, then also stress about my on & so forth. 
DETOX doesn't always come in the form of fasting or juicing for a few days. The most effective way can be from detoxing the mind. Taking a mental break can help set the tone for a calmer mind set for the holidays. 
Treat Yo' Self in the best way possible. Give your mind, body & soul a break with a holistic facial teaser. GIVING 30 minutes out of your day to yourself will fill your cup of love back up to the brim.

If you been wanting to try a facial, but giving every excuse in the world not to, make Tuesday the day you don't have any more excuses.

When your cup is full you can give more.

Tuesday Nov 29th is also GIVING TUESDAY!

You know all those "THINGS" you had to have year after year that you don't NEED any more? Well there are women who do need those things. My favorite charity to give to is House of Bread & Peace
Their mission " to provide for the basic needs of homeless women and children while assisting the women in becoming independent and self sufficient. We help them build a strong foundation for a more successful life by identifying and addressing their individual needs and goals."

When you visit on Tuesday, feel free to bring any of these items! I will be dropping off Wednesday morning. 
* Underwear
* Gently Used Bras
* Tampons/ Pads
* Gently used business casual clothing / shoes
* Home-ware
* Bedding
* Books



"You always have to remember to take care of yourself first and foremost, because when you stop taking care of yourself you get out of balance and you really forget how to take care of others." 
- Jada Pinkett Smith


Chai Me // Autumn Facial // The Beauty Room Evansville

Chai Me // Autumn Facial // The Beauty Room Evansville

I know during this season you can get a pumpkin inspired facial at just about any spa. Being in the Art's District I wanted to live up to the area's reputation of being unique. Fall is a seasonal reminder to slow down and appreciate our beautiful surroundings. This facial, appropriately titled Chai Me , takes your senses through the notes of Fall.

What To Expect // Makeup Session // The Beauty Room

What To Expect // Makeup Session // The Beauty Room

A "Instagram" look is a look that feeds the culture that begets being insecure , because you are looking at images that are crafted to catch your attention when you are scrolling down your feed. It's not real, you would not feel comfortable on date with your husband, or a family reunion or any to other special occasion where you'll be interacting with people wearing any of those styles.