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The Happy Chronicles | Jeremiah Daniels | 21 Days of Open Letters

After watching an excessive stretch of OWN TV I am now even more obsessed with Oprah. So I thought about implementing more stuff that I am learning from her & her guests.

On her segment with Shawn Anchor on Super Soul Sunday, he suggested once a day for the next 21 days emailing, tweeting, or calling a person you know and basically spending 2 minutes telling them how awesome they are. Not only does it give them a boost, but you as well & can even play a factor in prolonging your life! I am compelled to give his idea a try. I've decided to do open letters on my blog for people that cross my mind. =)



You are cool as shit.

I don't even know if that's your real name or not since I don't know you all that well. Nonetheless you should make millions of dollars teaching people how to be the best servers ever. I mean seriously it's not even like your a server , just a super attentive man...imagine that. Anyway I also like how humble you are about everything. You are an amazingly talented artist..writer & your in a band ...and you like never talk about it. I admire that.

Say Hello to Your New Girlfriend, Love IT! Magazine

It was late February. Just a regular day. I was serving at The Jungle and my friend Alisha comes in to get lunch after her client. We talk about all the normal stuff, but for about the 4th time that week I brought up my dreams of wanting to put a magazine together, but not having the funds to run all of the operations and definitely not being able to cover publishing cost.  

As a good girlfriend should, Alisha gave a listening ear. Her response that day is a huge part of my project coming to fruition. She simply said, "Well, just do it online". Seems crazy how a simple solution like that NEVER crossed my mind. I looked at her and said, " You're right, I'm doing it". I went home that day and came up with the complete outline of what I wanted my magazine to include.

Fast forward a little over a month later, and here we are. I am launching a creation that has been in my head for about a year now. I have had so much overwhelming support from my circle of professionals. I seriously could not have dreamed of a better team. I've always known that they all are just as amazing as anyone doing the same thing in a bigger city. I thought why don't I make something that can show that!


Love IT! Magazine is for women by women in the Evansville Area. Love IT! will keep you up to date on everything, just like your girlfriend that always has the scoop. We will talk about inspiring stories, beauty trends , music ....and well hot men may or may not be involved.

Come help us celebrate at the Love IT! Launch Party  this Thursday April 24th at The Loft located inside of Boogie Nights, form 7-9. There will be music, celebratory cake &  a group champagne toast at 8pm. 

 I would love to see you all there and I can not wait to see everyone & see the continual growth of Love IT!


Below are a few behind the scenes and sneak peeks of Love IT! Magazine. 


Woman Crush Wednesday| #WCW | Meagan DeLong

I am an avid coffee drinker....Well sorta.

Mostly, I am an avid Penny Lane dweller. So of course I always happen to see Meagan DeLong who  runs the show there. She is always super friendly & her vibes always just radiate happiness. Not only is she super gorgeous ( her beautiful eyes pierce through my soul sometimes) but she is an amazingly talented artist. I got to know more about her from frequenting art & craft shows and seeing her at her l juice stand called Sunshine Stand & I want yall to know more about her too! 

What sparked your interest in juicing?

What sparked my interest in juicing at first was my friend, now co-worker, Tommy Garrett introduced me to the documentary "Fat, Sick, & nearly Dead." It's a truly inspiring glimpse into how we can CHANGE our lives by what we put into our bodies. We can find health, joy, rest, comfort and confidence in who we were MADE to be by changing a huge area of our lives: what we eat. That's what inspired me to juice. The narrator in this documentary reversed his illnesses by supplementing his diet with juicing.

What is your favorite off the juicing menu?

My favorite juice would probably be the Pink Drink. I was turned off to it at first but as my tastes changed towards a more healthy pallet, I fell more in love with the Pink Drink. It consists of strawberries, beets, ginger, apple, and grapefruit.

Who inspires you?

Who inspires me: God does. I know to some this sounds cheesy or "soooo Christian" but I'm only able to be who I am because of God. He loves me so I am then able to love. He tells me I'm worthy, so I am then able to have confidence. I find strength and passion in how I've been created so I'm able to keep moving and growing In this life.

Life Mantra?

Life mantra... Wow. There's so many. I'd say : "Be salty". Most people have seen my salt shaker tattoo I have on my arm and I can dive into a deeper meaning at another time. But it reminds me to be set apart, to be ALIVE, & to be a person that brings flavor to this world and to this life.

Who is your favorite local artist?

And my favorite local artist is for sure Jamie Williams!!! Her stuff blows me away. I'm an artist as well and love to portray people. The way Jamie paints people so alive is truly amazing.