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Over the course of my lifetime I have spent hundreds dollars on skin care products. With having naturally acneic skin...that's probably a modest number. 

Growing up I always felt so uncomfortable when talking with friends as soon as the topic of skin came up in fear of judgement of my skin. We're not talking a few blemishes here and there I had a full face of embarrassing break outs. I had nothing but commercials promising some kind of relief from my breakouts, but dollar after dollar spent on a wide range of products, relief would come for a bit yet it was always fleeting.

Over the past 5 years my relationship with beauty has shifted. Becoming an esthetican started me on the path of understanding skin better, but it was just the beginning. Once I dove deeper into holistic beauty my skin changed for the long term.

I've learned how many factors in creating beautiful skin are internal and how less IS really more! I want to pass what I've learned down to you. I don't want you to continue down the endless cycle of being a product junkie. 



I recently visited, The Beauty Room, for a facial. I have very sensitive skin so I was a little nervous. Kana put my worries to rest within the first 3 minutes. Overall the facial was amazing. I felt so relaxed, stress free and my skin was soft to the touch and felt so clean. Even better it didn’t cost me a pretty penny to feel new. Kana is an inspirational woman with amazing talents! She inspired me to take care of my skin the right way. I hope you get a chance to be inspired by The Beauty Room also!
— Katie Winger

Online Holistic Skin Care Course by Kana Brown



This no bullcrap course will challenge how you talk to yourself, your outlook on the efficacy on natural products by giving you real steps for change and products to use.

If you’re tiered of buying product after product, don’t have sustainable changes in your skin, want guidance and accountability this course is for you.



  • You will receive a Beauty Box with (4) products to kick start your natural product journey.

  • A booklet to walk you through your 5 week journey.

  • You'll learn how to change your self talk around beauty.

  • How natural products work for every skin type and choose the ones right for you.

  • Weekly actionable steps toward achieving balanced, sustainable skin that you can always refer back to.

  • Break the cycle of being a “product junkie” and finally get the results you want with products that work!

I LOVED my experience at The Beauty Room! Kana is so sweet and really listens to your concerns and wants to make your skin beautiful! I had a facial a few weeks ago and I purchased some soap and some grains from her for my face as well as customized oil as a moisturizer on my face. Within the past few weeks that I have used the products I have notice a huge difference in the apperance of my skin as well as less blemishes and breakouts. I encourage everyone to experience the beauty in The Beauty Room!
— Chasity Duncan