What is Tuesday Talk?

It's a way for fabulous women to get to know each other! Once a month we share not only food & drinks but our opinions on topics we as women care about. Since you choose the topics it can be anything from sharing what we are grateful for, how we can make an impact on our communities to something completely silly such as 'Honey, have you seen Morris Chestnut lately!?'

We are real women and have many sides to us and I want this to be a forum where we all discover that we can all relate AND help each other through encouragement to become stronger more fabulous women! This is a judgment free zone. Women from all walks of life are welcome, good vibes only please!

This time together is of course FREE! I provide wine & appetizers. For it to be able to stay free,
feel free (not obligated) to bring snacks or wine to share!

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What the ladies are saying :

 "I enjoy the realness from each woman that I come in contact with. I love the fact that the women come from all different walks of life & still manage to be awesome in their own way." - Glenniesia P.

 "I really enjoyed the "oneness" & acceptance of the group. It was the first time in my life that I have walked into a room full of women & did not feel like I was being sized up by the other women. We were all there in support of each other. It was an amazing experience, and I look forward to attending future events!!!" -Kat M.

"I love when women share their goals and accomplishments! It reminds you it can be done!I also love meeting extraordinary women who I might have never have met. I look forward to supporting their businesses!" -Yesenia C.