After years of building my own relationships and business it has been my absolute pleasure to use my gift of connection to create a community of collaborators. An upcoming photoshoot, event or just figuring out who to know in town? I got you. Think of me as your business to business matchmaker. I will find and introduce you to the people you need to know!

If you are new to your business or new to the area, what I can provide for you is a "cheat sheet" of the who's who of your industry. We're in a time where relationships are KEY to building a brand and name for yourself in business. We don't need a 100 people behind us we just need 5 of the right ones. 

I am currently offering :


A list of 5-7 people you need to know in line with the goals you need to obtain for your business with a summary of how you should partner. Includes contact information with personal introduction.


Vision outline of what is needed and contacts needed to execute vision. Includes up to 3 meetings. timeline and contact information.


In addition to social media shares, this includes up to 3 secured media spots (Radio, TV or Podcast) for event and Press Release.


Kana is a true connector of people, almost a matchmaker. She’s able to vet and pitch one’s strengths so eloquently and has been the only reason that I’ve been invited into this tribe. Without her recognizing my talent and giving me the opportunity to show others what I can do, I would be nowhere. Sometimes it takes just one person to believe in you. Kana is my person.”

— Brittany Fulkerson, Britt Lauren Co.
kana brown


Kana Brown is one of the most dynamic people I’ve ever met — personally and professionally. In working with her to coordinate the Love It! EVV magazine launch parties over the last year, she has become a close colleague and a dear friend. I have met so many amazing people through the launch parties and going to social events together, but I’m most excited about our friendship that has blossomed this year. Kana has big dreams for herself and the city of Evansville. She refuses to accept the status quo and is always striving to push herself and this community forward into being something more, something bigger, than any of us could have imagined. Whether it’s starting a magazine, running her successful esthetics spa and makeup studio The Beauty Room, or just keeping up with the newest and coolest in Evansville, Kana gives it all she has. I’m proud to know her, work with her, and have her over for drinks.”

— Jamie Brewer, Daylily Events
Best of Evansville
Kana Brown is a woman who makes it HAPPEN! After becoming a client of The Beauty Room, she listened when I expressed to her my passion for dance/choreography and my desire to teach classes in the city of Evansville . All I needed was SPACE and SUPPORT! With Kana’s awesome networking skills, she was able to connect me with Chelsey’s Fit Factory to host the very first “Dancin’ N Heelz” workshop(Beyoncé Series) !
Thank you so much Kana❤️

— -Shawneis, NizzChoreo
I absolutely admire Kana. I love her positive presence. She has such an amazing voice and I truly look up to that. I hope she continues being the wonderful person that she is.

Thankful for all the positivity that she gives. We need more of that in the world.

— C.R.

“Kana has a heart for bringing people together.
She recommended my services to Single Thread Boutique 5 years ago and the owner Sara and I have not only established a great working relationship but an amazing friendship as well! Girl kills it with the referrals.”

- Alisha White Photography
Kana is a true Evansville gem. She is a talented businesswoman and being connected to her has been an amazing experience, both personally and professionally. Her bold + confident approach to life is inspiring. She has dedicated herself to connecting minority + women owned businesses to spaces + places that are not readily accessible to them. Kana’s The Beauty Room is an oasis of peace + light- the energy is contagious. She is a leader that seeks to bring others with her as she climbs.

Her fierceness is known from the moment she enters the room. Kana has transformed the face of the beauty industry in the Tri-State area - excellence is the new standard. Love IT EVV + The Beauty Room speak volumes to her commitment to uplifting women by making them feel like the best version of themselves. Kana will go as far as her heart and mind decide to go - and that very well could be the moon and back.
She’s unstoppable.

-T.C., Herspace Co